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An affiliate is a person or entity who advertises and sells products on behalf of the publisher or owner of a product and in turn receives a monetary commission for all sales either by check or direct bank deposit. Commissions for affiliates can range from 5% to 75%. At, you will receive 30% for all sales, as well as rewards and prizes in addition to your commission.


Our affiliate program is open to anyone, young or old, work at home moms, entrepreneurs, novice marketers to the professional marketer. We aim to provide easy to follow instructions to get you started on your affiliate marketing campaigns, as well as useful hints and tips.


Affiliates can generate income anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 a year. Our mission is to ensure affiliates achieve their full potential. Our key outcome is to enhance and provide superior customer service and assistance, to act professionally, to ensure integrity and to be open and transparent.


Ready to make some real money as an affiliate? Our service sells like crazy! has the most profitable affiliate program on the web. We pay 30% commission on every sale, and our conversion ratio is off the charts. You'll make more money promoting than any other membership site on the Internet, Absolutely guaranteed!


While might not be the fanciest site you've ever seen, it was created from the ground up to generate as many sales as possible. The hard-hitting ad copy, multiple payment options, testimonials, bonuses and promotions, etc. all play a part. Many of our affiliates are averaging insane conversion ratios of 15-30% or higher.


Obviously the affiliates generating these kinds of numbers are "pros", and we can't guarantee you'll do the same - or guarantee any specific conversion rate for that matter. What we can guarantee is that you'll find our program to be more profitable than anything else. You need to know - our members-only site blows away the "competition". It is by far the best resource on the web for anyone.


Unlike most of our competitors whose product is really just an outdated links or "borrowed" from another competitor, our customers gain access to our proprietary and exclusive business opportunities database that is updated regularly. We actually help our members by providing tips, tricks and strategies for getting started, as well as answering our email and providing quality customer support.


Whether you're just getting started in this extremely lucrative industry or you're a seasoned pro, we welcome you to our program. When you register below we'll also send you occasional updates, marketing tips, etc. all designed to help you make more money. 


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